The Faculty of Dental Medicine has as governing bodies a Dean, a Board of Directors and a Scientific Council. The Pedagogical Council, the Quality Commission and the Advisory Board are also organs of the Faculty, with specific functions.

FMD Members and Functions

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of the Director and up to three members, appointed by the Dean on the proposal of the Director:

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is composed of:

- Professor Marlene Barros (Full Professor) - President, Director of the FMD and CIIS.

- Professor Maria José Correia (Associate Professor) - Coordinator of the 1st MIMD cycle

- Professor Ana Sofia Duarte (Assistant Professor) - Coordinator of the 1st cycle LCB, responsible for FMD's outreach, communication and marketing activities

- Professor Nélio Veiga Coordinator of the 2nd MIMD cycle

- Professor Nuno Rosa (Assistant Professor) - Chairman of the Pedagogic Council, Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Applied Biomedicine - Computation and Management

- Professor Luís Silva Santos (Auxiliary Professor) - Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies

- Professor Anna Carolina Mello de Moura (Assistant Professor) - Clinical Director

- Professor Raquel Silva (Assistant Professor) - in charge of FMD's Internationalization Activities

- Professor André Correia  (Assistant Professor)

- Professor Andreia Figueiredo (Assistant Professor)

- Professor Mariana Seabra  (Assistant Professor)

- Professor Patrícia Fonseca  (Assistant Professor)

- Professor Rita Noites  (Assistant Professor)

- Professor Doutor Tiago Borges (Prof Auxiliar)


Pedagogic Council

The Pedagogic Council has a President who is nominated by the Dean by indication of the Faculty Director.

One career teacher for each degree conferring course;

Students elected by their peers: 1 for each degree course and 1 for each Masters course;

  • Student representative for the 1st cycle MIMD: Ana Raquel Veloso Nogueira Ferreira
  • Student representative for the 2nd cycle MIMD: Tatiana da Silva Serrão
  • Student representative for the LCB: Margarida Silva Pombo​

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed by:

Postgraduate Education - Advanced Dental Education Program

The coordination of postgraduate teaching will be under the responsibility of a Coordinator appointed by the Rector upon proposal by the Faculty Director.

  • To be appointed

Extension, Communication and Internationalisation Activities

The Faculty of Dental Medicine's Outreach, Communication and Internationalisation activities have a Coordinator appointed by the Dean.