Mission, Vision and Goals


  • Teaching and Research to Transform Lives, Communities and Society in General;
  • To bring together an academic community of active, caring citizens who collaborate locally and globally for better Health for all.



A leading Faculty in teaching and research in Dental Medicine.

Strategic Objectives

 Education - To prepare future professionals for a successful career anywhere in the world

The Health sector today requires an improvement in the service provided, and is undergoing a period of transformation. The focus is no longer on "treating disease" but on "preventing and promoting health". This new approach aims to improve performance and results, promoting citizens' health, avoiding the consequences of disease and reducing the costs associated with treatments with low or no success. This new paradigm has given rise to the Precision Medicine for which we are training professionals at FMD-Católica.

Research - Doing science with and for society

To actively involve FMD-Católica students in the creation of more and better solutions in Health at individual and community level.

Transference of knowledge - Solutions for participatory and preventative Oral Health

The two-way communication between FMD-Católica and the business/industrial environment provides students with the appropriate ecosystem for their participation in the development of solutions to be applied in the local or global community, with the ultimate goal of improving health and, consequently, the individual's quality of life.

Social Responsibility - Educating, serving the community

The FMD-Católica student is a transforming agent of society, contributing so that Health is an asset to which everyone has access.