Ana Bessa

Dr. João Bessa Dental Clinic, Vagos, Aveiro
Post-Graduation in Digital Prosthetic Oral Rehabilitation

I enrolled in the postgraduate course in digital oral rehabilitation, with the aim of mastering the latest digital planning and prosthetic design tools, both in the area of implant-supported rehabilitation and in teeth rehabilitation. A postgraduate course taught by a nationally renowned team in the digital field and with internationally renowned guest speakers. With an abundant theoretical and practical component, I believe I have achieved my goal and recommend it to everyone who wants to dominate the vanguard of the digital age in dentistry.

Bruno Valentim

Post-Graduation in Digital Prosthetic Oral Rehabilitation

The Postgraduate Course in Digital Prosthetic Oral Rehabilitation at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa is an innovative bet in an area that is increasingly present in dentistry. The combination of an area as complex as oral rehabilitation with the latest technological means allows for more accurate and reliable planning, as well as more predictable results. The dedication and knowledge of the resident faculty, combined with the experience and rigor of the guest professors, inspire students to instill challenges and develop critical thinking and skills to overcome them. I recommend this course to all colleagues who wish to develop skills that enable them to plan and handle highly complex cases.

Sónia de Lacerda Schickert

Post-Graduation in Digital Prosthodontics

The Post-Graduate Course in Oral Rehabilitation and Digital Prosthetics at UCP arises in a context in which dentistry is undergoing a revolution from analogue to digital at a very fast pace. As a dentist, I have always been concerned with providing the latest technology in order to improve my patients' expectations and compliance, as well as the prognosis of treatment. However, at one point I felt lost between the amount of information that constitutes the state of the art and commercially available technologies. This postgraduate course allowed me to clarify the real advantage of certain tools that are already available to the clinician and that really make a difference when planning and executing oral rehabilitation cases. All this in a relaxed environment among colleagues with the sole objective of sharing knowledge, and the possibility of hands-on testing the latest tools available on the market. I highly recommend it.


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