Ana Gomes

Investigador Auxiliar

Generic Bio

Ana Gomes finished her PhD in 2011 in Medicinal Chemistry at University of Aveiro, in collaboration with Biological Department of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where new pharmacological entities for the Photodynamic Therapy of cancer were developed. Nowadays, Ana Gomes is Auxiliary Researcher at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, integrated member of research unit Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Health (CIIS) where she is involved in projects focused on oral microbiome characterization and identification of salivary biomarkers to monitor and/or diagnose oral and systemic diseases, namely periodontitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Other research interests are focused on the biological evaluation of anti-tumour drugs and antimicrobial agents and in its biomedical potential. She is also involved in pedagogic activities as supervisor of graduate and Master students in the areas of Medicinal Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences and Dental Medicine. She also teaches the classes of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Biomolecular Laboratories.