Viseu is a city-garden, with its green parks and centenary trees, located in the heart of Portugal. It also has a privileged location in the Dão Demarcated Region, from where award-winning wines are produced.  

According to an opinion survey on quality of life organised by DECO in 2007, Viseu is the 17th European city with the highest quality of life among the 76 in the study, and is also the first of the 18 Portuguese district capitals with the best quality of life. In 2012 it was considered, once again, the Portuguese city with the best quality of life. 2017 was the official year to visit Viseu. In 2018, Viseu celebrated itself as the "European City of Folklore" through the Europeade Festival. In 2019, the city was designated as a Gastronomy Destination. With 99 274 inhabitants, Viseu is the Garden City 2021. 

Viseu is known for its traditions, handicrafts and typical flavours, but also for its strong entrepreneurial and technological component. It is a welcoming and romantic city, of myths and heroes, with a rich historical heritage. The Grão Vasco Museum, the Tesouro da Misericórdia and the Tesouro da Sé (cathedral) Museum, in which it is possible to go back 900 years of history, provide pleasant cultural visits. 

At the gastronomic level we highlight the Lafões style veal, Chanfana, Rancho, roast kid, codfish with cornbread, Portuguese stew, sausages, queijo da Serra (local cheese), meat Bôla. The sweets include Viriatos, chestnuts with eggs, curd cheese with pumpkin jam and sweet rice.

In the sports field we have to point out:

  • Ecopista do Dão (with bike rental). More information here.
  • Fontelo Sports Park (football pitches, volleyball, handball, basketball, swimming, athletics, skateboarding);
  • Mountain and river adventure/adventure sports (BTT, Trail, Climbing, Orientation, Canyoning, Canoeing, Geocaching);

The nightlife in Viseu is for all tastes and ages. The nightlife in Viseu is for all tastes and ages, with various places to talk, taste the Dão's nectars or even dance.​

Cost of Living  

The average cost of living is around EUR 500 per month.

Room: average €200/month.

Websites where you can search for accommodation:


Bus ticket: 1€ (approximate value)

  • It is planned from January 2019 the implementation of routes with electric buses (MUV), with a stop near the University every 10 minutes.



  • Supermarket shopping: about 150€/month
  • Lunch in the cafeteria: €4.80/meal.
  • Lunch in a restaurant: €5.50/full meal (approximate value)
  • Bread: 0,12
  • Coffee (espresso): $0.60​


  • Cantar das Janeiras (January) 
  • Traditional Carnival (February)
  • Tons de Primavera (March)
  • Easter - Stations of the Cross live (April)
  • Youth Theatre Festival (May)
  • Cavalhadas of Teivas and Vildemoinhos - feast of St. John (June)​

Ephemeral Gardens (July): For one week, the city is transformed into a huge garden filled with international and national artists, concerts, conferences, installations, exhibitions, debates and bookshops. Find out more at

  • Jazz Festival (at Aquilino Ribeiro Park) (August)
  • São Mateus Fair (August and September) The São Mateus Fair is an annual free fair, with 626 years of existence, which takes place every year in the city of Viseu. Learn more​ here.
  • Grape Harvest Festival (September)
  • Warm Autumn - Festival of Arts, Music and Theatre (October)
  • Saints' Fair (São Martinho)
  • Viseu Christmas (handicraft, music, gastronomy, Christmas lighting) (December)