Postgraduate Course in Endodontics

Program Description


The Postgraduate Course in Endodontics aims to meet the needs for more specialised endodontic treatments of the population visiting the University Dental Clinic.

With a modular structure and monthly attendance (10 months, 210h), this Postgraduate Course is taught by a multidisciplinary team of FMD teachers, international and national guest lecturers with extensive experience in the area, using the latest materials and technologies: from cone-beam computed tomography, through magnifying glasses to the use of the surgical microscope.

This course aims to empower students with skills of critical analysis, theoretical knowledge and reasoning for decision making in diagnosis, planning and execution of cases through the integration of scientific evidence in daily clinical practice.

Areas Addressed
  • Endodontic access;
  • Endodontic diagnosis and pathology;
  • Microbiology in endodontics;
  • Radiology in endodontics - CBCT;
  • Assisted instrumentation;
  • Disinfection and endodontic medication;
  • Obturation;
  • Analgesia and anesthesia;
  • Non-surgical and surgical retreatment;
  • Vital pulp therapy;
  • Apexogenesis and apexification;
  • Endodontic revascularization;
  • Invasive internal, external and cervical resorption;
  • Root perforations and furcation;
  • Magnification;
  • 3D planning and surgical guides;
  • Microsurgery in endodontics;
  • Reconstruction of teeth with endodontic treatment;
  • Dental trauma;
  • Laser in endodontics.
Application Deadlines

1st of March 2024